Houses of Rome
A grand strategy crypto RPG


Houses of Rome is a crypto RPG inspired by games like Runescape, Crusader Kings, and Mount & Blade. It builds a better, more cooperative RPG by unlocking the true potential of NFTs and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
Everything in Houses of Rome happens on the Warmap, a 3-D map through which players can battle, trade, collect, build, and scheme to influence the expansion of Rome.
Campaign 1: Etruscans

Building a Better RPG

Houses of Rome is building the first true crypto RPG by implementing:
  • Game currency (sROME) backed by the Bank of Rome
  • Items such as weapons, armor, potions, and tools as player-owned NFTs
  • Marketplace to trade items, characters, and materials between players
  • Battles/raids that earn players loot in the form of NFT items
  • Houses that build, govern, and play together to expand Rome
  • 3d landscape that feels and plays like a proper game environment on both desktop and mobile

Houses of Rome Team

Our community-driven team is comprised of a wide-ranging mix of experts across DeFi, infrastructure, gaming, and governance who have been part of building and launching some of the most important protocols, L1s, and experiences in crypto.
Note: this wiki acts as the high-level rolling spec by which Houses of Rome is built. This wiki is always subject to change.
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