Staked $ROME ($sROME) and locked staked $ROME ($vesROME) can be used in governance.
Proposals start in the forums: where they undergo spirited discussion.
After a minimum 72-hour period of discussion, Snapshot votes are held which can be executed as code:
The current voting method is plutocratic with boosted adjustments for lockers. One sROME = 1 vote. vesROME locking table below.
Additionally, items can boost the governance power of wallets with characters that equip these extremely rare items.

DAO Structure

Governance is executed via the DAO in a plutocratic fashion. The DAO leads all contract execution after snapshot vote.
Voting boosts (actual boosts TBD):
  • vesROME: varied-term lockers receive varied governance boosts. - 1.2x on 6 month lock - 1.4x on 12 month lock - 1.6x on 18 month lock - 1.8x on 24 month lock - 2.0x on 30 month lock - 2.2x on 36 month lock
  • Power: relic items (extremely rare) that when equipped grant governance boosts.
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