The houses of Rome are the central game entities conspiring and working together to expand the Republic. Houses can rise, merge, or fall at any point in our game's existence.
To create a house, a collection of users must rally together 2% of token supply and verify via Snapshot vote. They must additionally make it clear via documentation or some other form of proof that they have a coherent plan for how their house will contribute to Rome.
Representatives from Rome verify via vote new houses to Rome.
Houses have implications both in and out of game. Out of game, houses act as the base of the community's governance structure. Each house is allotted:
  • 2 senators: these senators act as representatives for their houses, relaying information to and from the other houses. Their ongoing argument and opinions help form proposals that are later presented to the broader DAO.
  • 2 scholars: these are policy and tokenomics experts who guide the Bank of Rome.
  • Other: other roles like orators and scribes exist for cross-house collaboration on content and marketing. These roles are not limited in number.
Players can only join raid parties for battles with members of their house. And some battles and events will limit participation to certain houses.

Houses of Rome

Chaos: ecosystem Kings: marketing Consuls: governance and community Moonsama: engineering and marketing Kek: community & marketing Grapes: community & marketing Sempronia: engineering Spoons: storytelling & marketing
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