Every item in Houses of Rome has a level requirement to equip. Each item has a set of stats that impact that character's effectiveness in battle or other key activities in Houses of Rome.
Each item in Houses of Rome has a character level requirement to equip. Armor items require the requisite defense level to equip. Weapons require the requisite attack level to equip. Each item then has stats which determine their effect in battle.

Item Types

Stat Effect
+ Armor, - Stamina
Chest Armor
+ Armor, - Stamina
+ Armor, - Stamina
Leg Armor
+ Armor, - Stamina
+ Armor, - Stamina
Swords, Spears
+ Damage, + Accuracy, - Stamina
Mauls, Axes
++ Damage, - Accuracy, -- Stamina
Bows, Knives, Daggers
+ Damage, + Accuracy
Grant access to farming the requisite resource tier.
+ Power, + Luck
+ Anything


Every item in Houses of Rome has a corresponding rarity that determines the drop probability and quality of that item.
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Relic


Every item has a certain durability attached to it. This durability defines how many uses the item has. For resource harvesting items every time a resource is harvested it consumes one use. For combat items the durability consumed per battle differs based on battle duration.
Only the smithing skill can be used to repair items and re-up their durability. Resources are required to repair any individual item. These combinations and smithing activities can be viewed and executed in the armory.
Items can also be taken apart for their materials if the item has never been used or is fully repaired. The base formula is that items can be taken apart for 60% of what it costs to create the item (rounding up in case of decimal). Items can only be disassembled if they are full durability.