The Marketplace is where Houses of Rome items can be traded. All items in Houses of Rome are NFTs. Resources however are not items and are expressed as ERC-20s. Resources are sold and bought seperately in the Exchange, the in-game AMM inside Houses of Rome.
The marketplace is built to house all items with a variety of filters tailored towards active traders.
Marketplace users can browse all available items, view all their personal listings, and view a history of any trades they've made in the past.
The marketplace accrues value to token holders via trading fees. All trades are priced in sROME, the game and protocol's value accrual token.
A 5% fee is charged on all item trades.
This fee accrues value to token holders by sending consumed sROME to a locking contract, effectively burning supply or allowing supply to be paid to stakers.
The warchest can additionally use this sROME to buy excess item inflation from the market and help maintain a healthy game economy.
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