Professions & Resources
Professions are active resource gathering skills. In between allocating and waiting on battle outcomes, players should harvest resources.
These resources can be used to create new items, construct new buildings and map features, and participate in sieges.
More and more skills will be added in the life of Rome as expansions. To start, Rome will begin implementing woodcutting, mining, smithing, and construction.
Each type of resource is of varying levels and can be harvested by varying level characters in Houses of Rome.


Resource harvesting actions like mining and woodcutting require no sROME lock. Instead, they require the player have the requisite level and necessary tools.
Resources are expressed as ERC-20s that can be traded in the Rome DEX.
The emission schedule forest to forest and mine to mine is set based on the quality of the resource and current metrics of player participation. These inflation rates are kept internal to the Scholars of the Bank of Rome. The scholars determine deforesting and mine stripping rates.
Professions harvest resources that can be used to craft various items, begin sieges, construct buildings, and other events that require various materials.
Resources can be harvested according to level and necessary item.
As campaigns are completed, higher tier resource areas are added to the map that require higher level items in order to harvest the corresponding resources.

Resource Professions

Each resource type can be found in different place throughout the Roman Republic. Currently Rome holds a very narrow section of land in western Italy which contains only the level 1 forest (oak) and level 1 ore (tin).
As we conquer more lands, higher level forests and mines will become available on newly conquered lands for higher level woodcutters and miners to harvest.


Oak - Level 1 Woodcutting & basic fasces (token address: ) Maple - Level 10 Woodcutting & iron fasces (token address: ) Willow - Level 20 Woodcutting & steel fasces (token address: ) Yew - Level 30 Woodcutting & mithril fasces (token address: ) Juniper - Level 40 Woodcutting & forged fasces (token address: ) Tamarack - Level 50 Woodcutting & runite fasces (token address: )
Tin - Level 1 Mining & basic pickaxe (token address: ) Iron - Level 10 Mining & iron pickaxe (token address: ) Coal - Level 20 Mining & steel pickaxe (token address: ) Copper - Level 30 Mining & mithril pickaxe (token address: ) Zinc - Level 40 Mining & forged pickaxe (token address: ) Gold - Level 50 Mining & runite pickaxe (token address: )


The construction skill allows players to construct advanced siege weapons and other key map objects that enable more effective battles and raids. To begin some battles it is required resources are consumed to take part. In others it may just offer the player an advantage through fortifications and other means.
The Houses of Rome map is dynamic in that it changes based on the state of the blockchain. As events unfold the map can change depending on a player's progress. The construction skill is the chief contributor to how the map evolves.
Depending on the type of construction a variety of resources and recipes may be required.

Weapon & Armor Crafting (Smithing)

The smithing skill is responsible for crafting and repairing weapons and armor in Houses of Rome. Various weapons and armor have different recipes you can access in the armory.