Create Your Profile

As soon as you enter Houses of Rome, you will be prompted to create your unique profile.
In order to do so, you will go through the onboarding flow which includes: 1. Connecting (or creating) a MetaMask account 2. Connecting to the Moonriver Network (the EVM-compatible chain Houses of Rome is played on) and purchasing their native token, $MOVR 3. Purchasing $ROME from the in-game DEX (The Exchange) 4. Choosing a Username 5. Choosing a House
Profile creation costs a flat 1 sROME to get started. This amount will be locked until the release of any subsequent expansion.
Don't take your choice of house lightly! The house you align with will most likely be the house you strategize and go to arms with. Once you've created your profile, the next step is to create your first character!

I already have a profile

If you already have a profile, connecting your existing wallet address will skip the signup flow.