Certain level 1 items are bought from vendors you'll find scattered around Rome.
All characters start at level 1 in profession skills but can begin harvesting the level 1 resources right away, provided they have the right tools.
Vendors are controlled by the treasury entities that accept sROME at treasury controlled prices. The sROME consumed by vendors is taken out of circulation.
A limited supply of vendor items are available each fortnight. Should the supply run out you can always purchase the level 1 items from the marketplace for a premium price.
Vendors are a way for the game to carefully introduce new item supply in the economy alongside battles and quests. Vendors can sell items at fixed or variable rate prices based on supply.

Current Vendors

Woodsman - sells the level 1 axe for woodcutters. Currently charges travelers 5 sROME to purchase an axe. The woodsman sells up to 500 axes each month.
Prospector - sells the level 1 pickaxe for miners. Currently charges travelers 5 sROME to purchase a pickaxe. The prospector sells up to 500 pickaxes each month.
Builder - sells the level 1 smithing hammer for smiths and level 1 construction hammer for builders.
Herbalist - the herbalist is currently traveling.
Alchemist - the alchemist is currently on the lam.
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