Conscript for the legions of Rome.
Houses of Rome is a browser based DeFi and gaming experience. The game is built using a modern stack optimized for both desktop and mobile. All you need is a Metamask extension and funds on Moonriver, an EVM-compatible blockchain with high throughput.
All transactions require MOVR, the native token of the Moonriver network. The MOVR token can be acquired and withdrawn from centralized exchanges like Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, and
You can also bridge assets from other chains to acquire MOVR and ROME:
  • Bridging from Ethereum:
  • Bridging from Other Networks: xpollinate or anyswap
  • Bridging from Polygon: USDC, USDT (use xpollinate)
  • Bridging from Avalanche: MIM (use anyswap) or USDC, USDT (use xpollinate)
  • Bridging from Fantom : MIM (use anyswap) or USDC, USDT (use xpollinate)
Once you have some MOVR for gas fees you can purchase ROME to create a profile, participate in battles, stake, bond, harvest resources, craft, and trade in-game NFTs in the Rome Auction House.
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